Torfaen Male Choir
Registered Charity 503226
Torfaen Male Choir

Has been formed from the amalgamation of two prestigious choirs namely Cwmbran Male Choir, and Pontypool Male Choir, our choirs have like so many choirs over the years suffered from a membership crisis.
Now with a stronger, larger number of members we are once more, able to offer the sort of performances that each individual Choir was used to in days gone by.
The pandemic has put a stop to all choral singing at present but be rest assured that come the time restrictions are lifted we will be ready to go, we have now engaged the services of a new musical director, and pianist/ stroke assistant deputy director.
I was awarded the honour of being made Chairman of the new choir, and as such feel very privileged to be the first in what I hope is a long line of Chairmen to come.

Jeffrey J Ganner

(2018 -2022)
Côr Meibion Torfaen
EST: 2019